Garden blocks, looking from the bottom of the garden

The majority of the garden pens are housed in two blocks of eight purpose built units.


Garden Pen

The cabins in each block are 4ft x 4ft, constructed of wood, lined with white-faced board and insulated with 2" of fibreglass.

Each has an internal light and a thermostatically controlled tubular heater. A sleeping shelf allows the cat to have a view out of the window. They all have a 6ft x 4ft wood and Twilweld mesh run and they are separated from each other by a 2ft sneeze gap.

A lockable security corridor with lighting runs along the front of the pens, and the whole of each block is under cover.

Family Pen

Outside we also have two large family units with covered runs (licensed to house up to five cats) and three smaller units for one or two cats. These are also purpose built, insulated and heated.





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